Thursday, 14 February 2013

Living the Gospel if you can't go to Church on a Sunday.

There are some members of the Church that find it difficult, for one reason or another, to attend a Sunday service. Either through ill health, travel problems, family difficulties, etc, and it can be easy for those people to fall away from living the Gospel without that companionship of fellow Saints. However, there is a way to continue living as an active member of the Church when attendance is difficult. Once you get out of the routine of receiving the spiritual nourishment that Church attendance gives you it is easy to slip into a spiritual rut, and living a Gospel centred life becomes more difficult.
A good way to start is to set aside some time to do scripture study. You don’t have to just do this on a Sunday, but unless you do this at least once a week you’ll experience a spiritual drought. There are a number of different Church manuals you can use to assist you with this. Go through the Priesthood/Relief Society Teachings of the Prophets of the Church lesson that you would be using if you were able to attend your meetings. You can do the same with the Sunday School lesson as well, or there are many other manuals you could use such as Duties and Blessings of the Priesthood Part A and B, or Latter-day Saint Woman Part A and B, or the Gospel Principles manual – (All these are downloadable in PDF format from if you are unable to get a copy from your Ward or Branch, or from the online LDS Store). You could even go through any of the Institute manuals as well.
Another thing you could do is watch/listen to General Conference. These are available to you either online or on DVD. By hearing the words of the speakers it will lift your heart and help you feel the Spirit.
You can arrange through your Bishop or Branch President to pay your tithing, and receive the sacrament by a visit from your Home Teachers.
These are just a few ideas you could use to prevent you from falling away from your Heavenly Father, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The blessings of the Gospel are there for all; if you can help it don’t let anything stand in your way of receiving them.

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